Why It is Better to Get Individual Life Insurance Now through Fida Insurance Group

During implementing the Affordable Care Act, many smaller companies decided to cut insurance benefits, especially life insurance. If you have a house that works with a large corporation, you may want to put the entire family on that policy. The other option is to go through the open marketplace. The demand for life insurance has increased since 2016, but at the same time, some people find themselves at an advantage when they go to do their own life insurance shopping. 

Don’t Get Stuck at a Disadvantage with Purchasing a Life Insurance Plan

While we have seen some life insurance plans increase in premiums in Monroe, CT area, this is not across the board. The time to shop is when you are young and in good health. Life insurance can be quite affordable at that point; however, we may have situations that require us to shop around. Fida Insurance Group will provide you with the confidence to be picky about who you want to insure you, even when life insurance programs are developing stricter policies. 

The Good Thing About Finding Your Own Life Insurance Policy

The sooner that you do it, the more prepared you are. If you work for a company with less than 100 employees, there are no guarantees that your company will continue to offer this plan. Getting locked in on a life insurance policy 5 years before any health conditions occur or you begin to age is definitely the advantage that most of us focus on when thinking of this predicament. 

Fida Insurance Group will help our clients in the Monroe, CT area research plans for competitive life insurance rates outside of your employer’s group plan, which will shield you from any negative effects of rate increases as we begin to see how ACA works out for our country. 

Buying Commercial Insurance When Starting a Horse Tour Company

Horse touring companies in Monroe, CT take riders around this beautiful area and showcase beautiful equines in an exciting way. If you own one of these companies, you need to purchase high-quality commercial insurance from us at Fida Insurance Group to protect your business and your investment, especially your gorgeous horses.

Necessity of Commercial Insurance for Horse Tours

Though horse touring companies may been low-key and safe, there are some dangers that may occur in these businesses. For example, a tour may suffer from an accident or crash that impacts the health and well being of the horses and the customers. As a result, commercial insurance for horse tour companies provides high-quality coverage needed to keep these companies safe from financial loss.

Coverage Types Available

Individuals interested in commercial insurance for horse touring and riding companies have many options from which they can choose. For example, they can buy medical insurance and liability coverage for their team. This helps to protect riders from injury if they don’t ride a horse properly or get bucked off during a tour. General aggregate and property insurance is also available.

Beyond these coverage options, horse owners should also purchase mortality and theft coverage for their horses. This type of insurance is designed to kick in should a horse unexpected pass away or get stolen by somebody. In this way, a tour company can replace their horse and stay in business should one of their beloved beauties disappear.

Find Commercial Policies That You Deserve

So if you live in Monroe, CT and run a horse touring company, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Fida Insurance Group. We can help individuals like you get the high-quality commercial insurance that you need to stay solvent financially and successful with your horse tour business.

You Just Retired: Do You Still Need Life Insurance?

Your corporate job in the Monroe, CT area provided a life insurance policy as part of your benefits package. Now that you have retired and the kids have their own families, do you really need a life insurance policy? There might be more than one reason why a term or whole life insurance policy from Fida Insurance Group would help you complete your retirement portfolio.

Planning for Final Expenses

Your 401K and pension are taking care of you and your spouse regarding monthly bills. Have you thought about the expense of a funeral? A life insurance policy can leave your spouse the extra cash needed to send you off in style without affecting their lifestyle or taking a chunk out of your principal investments. 

Help the Grandkids with College or a Down Payment

Maybe you want to make sure that your children or grandkids will receive a little extra cash down the road. They could surely use it to help pay for a new house or to reduce their student loan debt. It won’t affect your ability to take that extra cruise now or to take the road trip on your bucket list. It’s like making sure one last gift is left for your loved ones. 

Provide Peace of Mind for Your Spouse

Perhaps your pension is only paid to you, not your spouse. Life insurance can help replace the lost income and ensure that they will be able to live in comfort for their remaining days. 

While you may not be worried about losing your Monroe, CT area home in your retirement, life insurance from Fida Insurance Group can still offer the security of know that your family will be cared for even after you are gone. Give our helpful agents a call and ask us about all our life insurance products today.

How To Protect Your Business From Breakins

As a business owner, you have invested a lot of time and money into your company. Nothing could be worse than to have that investment violated through a burglary. There are many things a business owner can do to better protect his business from this type of invasion. 


One of the best first lines of defense against a break-in is illuminating your buildings well. Criminals want the cover of darkness in order to commit their crimes without notice. Make sure that your entire facility is well lit after hours. This will discourage most criminals from even considering your facility. Install lighting both inside and outside in order to keep all areas safe. 

Use Alarms and Safes

If you are keeping valuable merchandise or cash on the premises, you should use safes. Using a safe that cannot be easily removed from the premises is a great way to keep these items out of reach even in the event of a break in. This will greatly cut down on your loses should a burglar actually gain access to your facility. Even if you feel that you are operating in a relatively safe neighborhood, you should have alarms installed. These alarms are one of the best ways you can discourage burglars. The more sensitive the alarm is, the better chance you have of scaring off a criminal before he gains entry to your business. 

Hire Wisely

Even if you take all the right steps to keep people from breaking in, you must also be on the lookout for dangers from within your company. This is where your hiring process becomes a line of defense against criminal activity. Make sure your hiring process is stringent.  Only hire people you feel you can trust.

By protecting your company from break-ins you can increase your peace of mind and your bottom line in the long run. If you would like to learn more about how to protect your business contact Fida Insurance Group Monroe, CT.

Many Institutions a Small Business Needs Require Insurance Protection Such as Commercial Insurance

There are a handful of items that every small business, even a home-based company, will be expected to have and in place before various external entities will consider engagement with the startup. Some of them are obvious such as a tax identification number and business license but, believe it or not, many external agencies also expect a bona fide business to be able to show proof of commercial insurance as well.

For example, many government contracts and procurements that small businesses are easily able to win due to preference will expect the given company to be able to show not only does it have insurance but that the policy has a minimum amount of coverage value as well. In addition, many financial institutions in Monroe, CT and elsewhere that provide key business financing, lines of credit and other loan mechanisms will also require that a company applicant has certain insurance protections already in place evidenced by proof of coverage.

Fida Insurance Group can guide your new business through the coverage maze to the right policy at the right stage in your startup life. Instead of getting stuck with a balloon policy for what you don’t need and costs too much, the staff at Fida can match your specific need now and go forward the next five years with a commercial insurance policy that makes sense. So you don’t have to be shut out of opportunity in Monroe, CT or in the wider region simply because of an oversight task. Fida Insurance Group can be your guide to business growth and greater success. Give them a call or email today!

5 Myths About Life Insurance

If you have misconceptions about life insurance, it’s time to learn the facts so you can make smart choices that benefit your future. At Fida Insurance Group in Monroe, CT, we can help you discern truth from fiction concerning life insurance coverage so you can get the protection you need.

Myth: Life Insurance is Terribly Expensive

Life insurance costs vary according to policy type and coverage. By reviewing various types of policies, you’re bound to find an affordable option to suit your needs.

Myth: Young, Healthy Adults Don’t Need Life Insurance

As a young adult, you may have loved ones such as aging parents who count on you for support. Life insurance can provide financial security for them if you were to unexpectedly pass on. Some policies, such as whole life insurance, accumulate cash value which you can borrow from to purchase a home or pay for college. By buying life coverage when you’re young, you can lock in a policy at a very reasonable price.

Myth: Life Insurance is Only for Families

Life insurance can benefit singles as well as families. Life insurance benefits can help pay off your debts or provide ongoing financial support for a business partner to keep the business going if you were to suddenly pass on. Policy benefits can even cover your funeral expenses so family or friends aren’t burdened with this cost.

Myth: Stay at Home Parents Don’t Need Life Coverage

Stay at home parents provide valuable support for their families that would be extremely costly to replace upon their sudden demise. Benefits from a life policy can help cover the cost of childcare, home care, meal prep services, etc. so your spouse can continue working to support your family.

Myth: Beneficiaries Pay Taxes on Life Insurance Benefits

In general, life insurance benefits are tax-free, so beneficiaries can benefit from all they have to offer.

For more information about life insurance options and costs, contact us at Fida Insurance Group in Monroe, CT.

Reasons to Get a Commercial Liability Insurance in the State of Connecticut

Like every other state along the New England coastline, Connecticut can get hit with serious storms and cold winters. And your business can take damage from these kinds of incidents. Getting coverage for your business can keep you from taking on more liability than you can afford, and it can get you back in operation after an event occurs.

How Commercial Liability Insurance Works

Commercial liability insurance will give you coverage of customer injuries or property damage, which can protect you in case you’re in the middle of a lawsuit. And it includes medical expenses and legal fees. It’s the first policy that small businesses will get because they usually need it to sign a lease on a commercial property or get a customer contract.


You might think that you’ll never get sued, but it’s part of today’s business landscape. When a company gets sued, the costs can be crippling. And commercial liability insurance is a safety net that you shouldn’t live without. Be sure to speak to someone at Fida Insurance Group in Monroe, CT for more information.

Your Choice for Commercial Liability Insurance in Monroe, CT!

If you want to work with a solid provider of commercial liability insurance in Monroe, CT, Fida Insurance Group has a team of agents that can help you get the coverage you need. Not only can we get you a general liability policy, but we can also tell you about some of the other options that can protect you. If you want to find out how we can help you, feel free to contact our office today!

How Life Insurance Can Protect Your Beneficiaries in Monroe, CT

Life insurance is vital to estate planning. It lets you preserve your wealth, provide for dependants or your spouse, and ensures there’s money available for taxes and debts. Keep reading to learn how to protect your beneficiaries with life insurance. Feel free to contact your Fida Insurance Group agent for more information on your specific situation.

Estate Planning for Financial Dependents

If you are the primary wage earner in your household, life insurance can replace your income. This is especially important if you still have a large mortgage or other debt. Even if you have a lot of cash, it’s a good idea to get enough life insurance to cover a few years of income. This gives your spouse and children liquidity and time to make any changes needed to preserve their lifestyle or scale down.

Estate Planning with Young Kids or Special Needs Children

To protect very young or disabled children, life insurance is imperative. You should consider term life insurance policy to cover children until they turn 18. For special needs children, you may need up to a 30-year term or get whole life insurance policy to cover their needs. You can set up a trust to control the disbursement of the inheritance for disabled or young children.

Estate Planning for Business Owners

If you co-own a business, consider a buy-sell agreement that is paid for with life insurance. In this agreement, the surviving partner uses a life insurance policy to buy out any heirs to preserve control over the business. This protects your business partner against unqualified heirs becoming involved in the day-to-day operations and protects your business from insolvency.

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Feel free to contact Fida Insurance Group in Monroe, CT today for life insurance questions or to make an appointment for a quote.

Things to Know about Homeowner Insurance in Monroe, CT

Other than meeting all your mortgage requirements, having home insurance is another excellent way of securing your financial future. You cannot predict what will happen and unfortunately, you could find yourself in a disaster that will require repairing or rebuilding your home. That will make you incur some expenses that could be hard to meet with your pocket money. Homeowner insurance in Monroe, CT is designed to help you meet these expenses without undergoing much pressure.

Fida Insurance Group is here to help you understand things that you ought to know before purchasing a homeowner insurance policy. Here are facts you need to know:

There are different types of coverage

Depending on what you wish to protect or to be protected against, there are a variety of policies for you to choose from. The policies include:

Liability insurance – Protects you from harm done to other people while in your home or property

Personal item coverage- Caters for the loss or damage of your items

Accommodation coverage – It helps you pay for the expenses you incur in an event where your home is undergoing repair or renovation making it inhabitable

These are some of the many policies you can select depending on your needs.

Home insurance does not include all types of damages

For example, harm caused by the flood is not included in the homeowner insurance coverage and will need to have extra coverage for that kind of disaster.

The type of construction can affect the premiums rate

Different kinds of constructions demand different premium rates. For example, a building made of timber will need different premiums compared to one made of bricks.

These are some essential facts that will guide you into making the right decision when buying homeowner insurance in Monroe, CT. Contact Fida Insurance Group or get a quote from our online rating tools today to keep your home and property protected.

Can You Collect On Life Insurance Without Dying?

Life insurance is something that more people could benefit from if they just took the time to find the policy and policy type that worked best for them. For the most part, life insurance is only beneficial after death but there are a few different instances in which you can benefit from life insurance without passing. For those that live in the Monroe, CT area, the agents with Fida Insurance Group can help you to find the policy that is going to work best for you.

In most cases, those that have insurance policy can benefit from it without dying if there is an accidental clause included in the policy. Most accidental clauses include dismemberment. This means that if you lose an arm, leg, hand, or foot, you can cash out a portion of your life insurance to help pay for medical costs, time off work, or the time that it takes to get your disability in order. This is going to help you pay for those things that need to be paid since you are obviously going to be taking time off to recover.

This type of clause is not included in all policies and you should take the time to check with your agent to make sure that your policy does include an accidental clause so that you can collect if need be. You can also collect if you borrow against the value of your policy in the form of a loan. For this type of transaction, you need to check with the bank that you are borrowing from to see how the transaction works. For those that live in the Monroe, CT area, the agents with Fida Insurance Group can help you find the perfect policy for your needs.