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Smart Home Security Tips

You want to keep your family and valuables safe. Fida Insurance Group in Monroe, CT has expert insurance agents available to advise you on how home security could affect your insurance policy.

Change Your Door Locks

With all of the excitement of a move, it is easy to forget that your home may be brand new to you but was someone else’s previously. Change all of your doors’ locks, including the bedrooms and garage doors. If you’re renting, you may need to contact your landlord before changing the locks and give them an extra set of keys.

Add an Alarm System

Mostly, alarm systems are a deterrent for burglars. Once they see or hear an alarm go off, they are likely to run away. But if they are bolder, an intruder may try to break in regardless of your system. The good thing about having an alarm is that the system immediately notifies your security company if there is an intruder. The company will, in turn, contact the police and send them to investigate the disturbance.

Protect Your Home When you’re Away

If you are away from your home on vacation or a lengthy business trip, keep the lights on at night. Install an automatic light timer that will turn your lights on and off during non-daylight hours or have a friend stay to show a presence in the house.

Call your local newspaper delivery service and the post office and have the deliveries stopped until your return date. A pile of newspapers and packages at your doorstep is an indicator to thieves that you are not home and won’t be back for some time.

In Monroe, CT, the independent insurance agents at the Fida Insurance Group can help you keep your home secure with homeowners coverage and any additional insurance that you may need.