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Will Home Insurance Provide Coverage for Damage From a Fallen Tree?

One of the more common risks homeowners face involves all the trees surrounding their houses. If a tree is to fall and hit your home or any other structure you have as part of your home insurance policy, do you have coverage? That is the question many Monroe, CT residents have. The Fida Insurance Group gets these questions a lot as a tree can fall due to it being hit with something, facing the high wind, lightning, hail, or even snow.

Trees Falling and Home Insurance

If a tree falls and hits your home, you want to file an insurance claim immediately. This is because, in most cases, your home insurance will cover damage done by a tree to the home.

Following a hurricane, where trees are down, branches fall, etc., insurance companies will be hit with a slew of claims. The ownership of the tree is irrelevant in most cases. What is important is what the tree strikes.

You want to do your best to maintain trees in and around your property. If the tree came from your neighbor’s yard, your insurance provider might try to collect it from their insurance company via subrogation, but that is outside of your hands.

Tree Removal Coverage

Many home insurance policies will also help you out with the cost of tree removal. There is usually a limit of around $500 to $1,000 to pay for tree removal from your policy. Read the different coverages to determine what you qualify for.

The Fida Insurance Group has seen it all in terms of trees falling and causing damage to a home. If you live in Monroe, CT, you know the weather can get wild, and trees can come crashing down when it does. Knowing what your insurance covers helps provide good peace of mind.