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What You Should Know About Commercial Auto Insurance

If you are just starting your business, or you’ve been in business for years, ensuring that you are prepared for the unknown is a big deal. Risks to your business are ever-present. In particular, if you have drivers driving your company vehicle, then your business is exposed in some different ways. Fortunately, our team at Fida Insurance Group can help you understand commercial auto insurance, which underscores the need for you to have it.

Commercial Auto Insurance Comes with Larger Limits

It only takes a moment to compare your declarations page for your commercial auto insurance policy to your personal policy to see there is a difference. One main difference is the coverage limits. As a business, lawsuits typically cost you more. As a result, your commercial auto insurance policy will have larger limits than your personal insurance policy for your vehicle.

Commercial Auto Insurance Covers You for Business Purposes

Commercial auto insurance is specifically for your business vehicles. If you are using your personal vehicle as your business vehicle, and you allow others to drive your vehicle for personal reasons, you may not be covered. Your commercial auto insurance limits who can and who can’t drive your business car. To ensure you are covered at all times, you should speak with us about the limitations of your commercial auto insurance.

Small Businesses Need Commercial Auto Insurance Too

Size isn’t a factor when it comes to commercial auto insurance. If you conduct business using a vehicle, then it’s likely you need commercial auto insurance. By purchasing commercial auto insurance, you are protecting your business. You may find that your personal auto insurance may not cover you if you get into a wreck while you are working.

Learn more about our commercial auto insurance products by visiting our website. When you are ready, you can give us a call to get a quote for your next policy.