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Do Safe Driving Habits Help Reduce Premiums

Everyone is looking to reduce their insurance premiums, and some tips and tricks are not going to help. One tip that does help, however, is to be a safe driver. For those that live in or around the Monroe, CT area, the agents with Fida Insurance Group can tell you, being a safe driver certainly helps.

So how does safe driving help you to lower your monthly premiums? For starters, your premiums are calculated using a specific set of information that you provide. Your license number helps your insurance agency to look at your driving record to see what types of tickets you have had, what sorts of infractions, and what sort of accidents you have been in. The longer you record has been clean and free of infractions, the lower your premiums are going to be.

Insurance agencies have what they call high-risk drivers, those more likely to be in an accident, and low-risk drivers, those that are not likely to have an accident. Those that have a safe driving record are going to be considered lower risk drivers, which means, lower premiums. For those that have accidents, tickets, and infractions, they are going to be considered higher risk drivers.

There are also what are called safe driver discounts. Some companies offer discounts for holding a policy for a certain amount of time without having a claim or a reported accident. This can be a percentage of your premiums and coverage or even a partial reimbursement of your premiums from that specific range of time. No matter what, being a safe driver always pays off.

For those that live in the Monroe, CT area, the agents with Fida Insurance Group can help you find all the safe driver benefits you are eligible for.