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When Is the Best Time to Update Your Car Insurance?

Owning a car in Monroe, CT is important, and it comes with a bit of responsibility. You have to have insurance for your car, and the prices and requirements of that insurance change all the time. If you’re wondering when your insurance should be updated, these are some of the most important times.

When You Change Cars

It’s pretty obvious that you should update your insurance when you buy a car. But, sometimes you might switch which vehicle is your primary without making a purchase. Maybe you moved closer to work and don’t need to drive the efficiency commuter as much. Maybe you have a lifestyle change that makes the other car more comfortable. For whatever reason, if you find which car you drive the most changing, it’s a good idea to inform your insurance company.

You Hit Milestone

There are a lot of lifestyle factors that affect your insurance rates. Hitting 30 might get you lower premiums. Getting married can have an impact. So can having kids. Any time you go through a major change, chat with your Fida Insurance Group representative to see if it can lead to savings.

You Move

While moving can be considered a milestone, it’s of particular importance to your insurer. Each state has its own insurance laws, so if you move out of state, you need to let the insurance company know. They need to make sure you’re legally compliant. Even if you’re just moving to a new neighborhood in Monroe, CT, the new address can impact your premiums. Substantial changes in the traffic surrounding you and other factors can all impact your premiums.

The best way to always have the best insurance policy is to keep your Fida Insurance Group rep informed. They’re always looking for ways to help you. Keeping in touch only empowers them to do their job.