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The Best Things to Do Before a Winter Storm

Winter storms are a common occurrence in Monroe, CT. Even if you are used to them, you may not be properly preparing for them. Before the next winter storm comes, be sure to use these tricks so you are fully prepared.

Stock Up on Food and Water

Winter storms can be unpredictable and you want to make sure you have enough food and water in the home for everyone to survive on for a few days, just in case you are stranded. When choosing food, you may want to opt for some options that do not require any cooking in case you lose power at any point during the storm. 

Get Salt

More than likely, you will get some ice on your driveway and walkways. To help speed the melting process up, put some salt, sand, or cat litter on these areas before the storm. Even if you cannot do this before the storm, have some so you can put it on after. 

Get Other Essentials

You should also get some items that you may need like an emergency kit, candles, fireplace supplies, and extra blankets. Make sure you are prepared for anything including a power outage. It is always good to have a heat source so make sure you have everything you need for your fireplace. 

Even when you are prepared for a winter storm, things can still happen and you may have damage to your home. The best way to protect your investment is with a great home insurance policy. If you are looking to get your first policy or simply want to shop around for a new one, be sure to contact our office serving Monroe, CT. Fida Insurance Group can get you some quotes that you can afford for policies hat can protect you.