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Renting a Car: Steps You Should Take

When people are traveling, they often choose to rent a car. Having a rental car makes your trip easier and more flexible. If you have never rented a car before, you probably have a few questions about the process, especially where insurance comes into play. Here are a few things Fida Insurance Group, serving Monroe, CT, wants to ensure you know ahead of time. 

Know Your Insurance Coverage

When you have a rental car, you want to ensure you and the car are thoroughly protected in the event of an accident. Although the rental car company will offer their own insurance coverage, it may not be needed. This is because the bulk of comprehensive auto insurance policies will cover the rental vehicle. 

Before you simply assume that your insurer covers rental cars, speak to your agent. The last thing you want is to not have any kind of coverage at all when you hit the road.

Inspect the Car Thoroughly

Before you leave the rental car’s parking lot, make sure to inspect the car well. This is important because you will be held liable for any form of new damage that occurs while the car is in your possession. You also want to ensure all of the car’s features work properly. If anything is amiss, make sure to let them know. 

Get Familiar with the Rental Car

Because you are driving a vehicle that you’ve never driven before, it may react differently. For instance, some cars have really soft brakes, while others are incredibly touchy. The car may also accelerate differently than the vehicle you are accustomed to. 

You also want to become familiar with all of the car’s features, such as the radio, air conditioning, windshield wipers, cruise control, etc. This ensures you know how to operate these things before you are driving 70 mph down the interstate. 

If you are considering renting a car, reach out to Fida Insurance Group, serving Monroe, CT, to find out about your specific coverage.