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Why do Monroe car owners need to have auto insurance?

If you are a car owner in the Monroe, CT area, you will find it easier to get around the community. As your car is an important asset and something you will rely on for daily use, insurance is critical. Those who are going to own and use a car in this part of the state need auto insurance for various reasons. 

Meet Connecticut Requirements for Auto Insurance

A reason to have auto insurance in the Monroe area is to ensure you meet state requirements. All people in this state are legally required to have auto insurance when driving on a public road. At a minimum, you need to have liability coverage. If you have a full auto insurance plan, you will get the necessary coverage to comply with such laws. 

Comply with Lender

Getting auto insurance to comply with your lender is also a good idea. If you are going to buy a car, you may need to take out a loan to do so. If you take out a loan, you must follow any rules or requirements set by your lender. This often includes having a full auto insurance plan at all times. If you continue to carry this coverage, you will remain in good standing with this obligation. 

All people in the Monroe, CT, area must get a proper auto insurance plan when they buy a new car. When looking for this coverage here, you should call our insurance team with the Fida Insurance Group. Our team with the Fida Insurance Group knows the value of auto insurance and can help you create the right plan for your situation.