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Is Liability Enough?

Liability is probably not enough to protect your business. Every industry, every business comes with its own unique set of risks, and while liability is near-universally required across the board for safe operation, there are few businesses for whom liability covers every single base. If you are working in a service field, and your equipment is cheap to replace, if you have any equipment at all, then an extensive liability plan might be enough. This describes a few categories of adviser and counselor and consultant, but not much else in Monroe, CT.

The foundation of safe operation in any business with a physical location is commercial insurance. Commercial insurance does for your company what homeowners insurance does for your house, essentially protecting all of the physical assets contained therein. This means that if there’s a fire or a break-in or something like that, then you will be covered in more instances than not. If you have anything at all within your physical location that you cannot afford to replace on your own dime, then commercial insurance is an absolute must.

Fida Insurance Group specializes in helping business owners connect with policies that fit their needs in Monroe, CT and elsewhere, and if you’re still shopping around for commercial insurance, or looking to get a better deal than your current provider allows, then it may be worth a call to see what’s available for you.

Although different businesses require different types and levels of insurance, it is incredibly rare that any company that can safely go without any protection at all. Fida Insurance Group can help to make sure that you are not working without a net.