Do Unpaid Parking Tickets Affect Your Insurance Premiums?

In Monroe, CT, residents who have questions about their auto insurance need to talk to agents who are willing to go the extra mile. The agents of Fida Insurance Group understand that their clients want to be fully informed when it comes to the things that can have an adverse effect on their car insurance. This is why they are always available when their clients call in to find answers concerning parking tickets and moving violations.

Penalties For Unpaid Parking Tickets

Many people don’t realize that the penalties for having unpaid parking tickets can be extremely costly if they aren’t taken care of in a timely fashion. In addition to towing costs, impound storage, and the fees tacked on by the city, the cost of not paying your tickets goes far beyond the cost of the actual ticket. Depending on your areas local laws, having numerous unpaid parking tickets can also affect your insurance premiums.

A Suspended License

In some areas, allowing your unpaid parking tickets to accumulate can eventually cost you your driver’s license. If the amount of the fees reach beyond a certain amount (this will be determined by the area), the license branch may be required to suspend your driver’s license until all of your past tickets are paid in full. In addition to towing your vehicle, the fees associated with getting your license back can be costly.

The agents of Fida Insurance Group are always ready to assist the residents of Monroe, CT. If you live in the area and have questions about parking tickets, the agents encourage you to call in and schedule an appointment. They can give you the information you need so that you can get your tickets paid and keep your insurance coverage intact.


Two Reasons You Need Full Coverage on Your Vehicle

Deciding on what level of coverage to get for your vehicle is a tricky process. Of course, getting full coverage is always the ideal, but if you have an older car or don’t drive very much, you could save money by getting comprehensive coverage. So, when is it a good idea to get full coverage for your car?

1. When it’s a lease – Full coverage is usually mandatory with a lease agreement. The dealership wants you to be fully covered in the event that it is damaged because they still technically own it. If your vehicle is totaled during its lease, the insurance company will replace it with a new car of the same model. Ask about the insurance requirements before you lease any vehicle. 

2. A New Car – A brand new car is best insured under full coverage auto insurance. It is probably one of your most expensive assets and its value drops dramatically once you take it off the lot. If you don’t have it fully insured you could lose a lot of money because of the value of the vehicle against what you get back for it after the accident. Always factor in the increased price of full coverage insurance when purchasing a new car. If you don’t, you could unknowingly go over your budget. 

Of course, if you can afford full coverage, you should have it on any vehicle that you can. There is no downside to being full insured besides the fact that it might cost a little bit more. Some cars are not valuable enough to justify the monthly premiums on full coverage insurance. If you have questions about this type of coverage and want to learn more, contact an insurance specialist at Fida Insurance Group in Monroe, CT so they can guide you to the right decision on your auto coverage. 

Do Safe Driving Habits Help Reduce Premiums

Everyone is looking to reduce their insurance premiums, and some tips and tricks are not going to help. One tip that does help, however, is to be a safe driver. For those that live in or around the Monroe, CT area, the agents with Fida Insurance Group can tell you, being a safe driver certainly helps.

So how does safe driving help you to lower your monthly premiums? For starters, your premiums are calculated using a specific set of information that you provide. Your license number helps your insurance agency to look at your driving record to see what types of tickets you have had, what sorts of infractions, and what sort of accidents you have been in. The longer you record has been clean and free of infractions, the lower your premiums are going to be.

Insurance agencies have what they call high-risk drivers, those more likely to be in an accident, and low-risk drivers, those that are not likely to have an accident. Those that have a safe driving record are going to be considered lower risk drivers, which means, lower premiums. For those that have accidents, tickets, and infractions, they are going to be considered higher risk drivers.

There are also what are called safe driver discounts. Some companies offer discounts for holding a policy for a certain amount of time without having a claim or a reported accident. This can be a percentage of your premiums and coverage or even a partial reimbursement of your premiums from that specific range of time. No matter what, being a safe driver always pays off.

For those that live in the Monroe, CT area, the agents with Fida Insurance Group can help you find all the safe driver benefits you are eligible for.

Cleaning Up Debris in the Fall and How It’s Connected to Home Insurance in Monroe, CT

If you live in Monroe, CT, you are likely no stranger to the seasonal changes that take throughout the year. The autumn can be a particularly concerning time for homeowners, as this time of the year presents challenges that, if not dealt with properly, can end up costing a great deal of money and even driving up home insurance costs. It would be a good idea to go over your home insurance policy in order to make sure you are as prepared as possible for this seasonal change.

One major concern during the fall season is that accumulation of dead vegetation, such as dead leaves. If you are experiencing a rainy autumn, you should make sure that this debris is cleared from your gutters. Clogged drainage systems can lead to water backup problems can can end up costing you a lot of money. If you are experiencing a dry autumn season, the extra debris can put you at greater risk for fires. In either case, it is a good idea to clear away the debris, so that you can avoid what could become very costly damage to your home and belongings that may extend even beyond your home insurance coverage limits.

If you want to know more about what you can do to prepare for autumns and winters in Monroe, CT, you should contact the professionals at Fida Insurance Group. Here, we have many insurance agents who will be able to answer your questions and tell you how you can minimize any costs related to your home. The agents of Fida Insurance Group can give you all of the information you need about home insurance and other costs pertaining to your domicile.

Keep Your Cool While Driving

Fida Insurance Group notes that aggressive driving is a serious problem that results in accidents and deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that aggressive driving causes 66% of fatalities. Aggressive driving is a violation of traffic rules. When aggressive driving gets out of control, it is “road rage,” which is a criminal offense.

In road rage incidents, 37% of the time a firearm is involved. Young men under nineteen years-old are the most likely ones to show road rage. About half of drivers who experience aggressive attacks from other drivers, such as rude gestures, showing a weapon, tailgating, and honking of a horn, respond with aggression as well, including attempts to run a vehicle off the road. This only escalates, what is already a bad situation.

Avoiding the Problem in the First Place
Aggressive-driving behavior creates an aggressive response. Additionally, many drivers seem oblivious about their effect on other drivers. Distracted driving, such as texting or talking on a cell phone, is illegal in most parts of the country. It is one of the causes of aggressive responses from other drivers.

Other things that trigger a road rage response include, not signaling when changing lanes, following too closely, cutting people off in traffic by not checking the blind spot for another vehicle, and leaving high-beam headlights on at night that blinds oncoming traffic as well as shines too brightly on the vehicles ahead.

By avoiding these offensive behaviors, there is a reduced likelihood of experiencing road rage.

Keeping Cool
If road rage occurs, stay calm. Do not respond with aggressive tactics. Hopefully, the other driver will simply go on their way after a short outburst of aggression. Do not try to chase them or get even. Do not honk the horn or make rude gestures and avoid eye contact with the other driver. If it is safe to do so, exit the highway or make a turn and let the other driver go away.

Contact the agents of Fida Insurance Group for all your insurance needs and keep your cool to avoid problems with road rage.