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Aspects That Are Not Catered for Under General Liability Insurance

Each day, people come in and out of your business. Therefore, having general liability insurance from Fida Insurance Group is a good idea since any accident that happens in your business premise is considered to be your responsibility. However, there are many things that general liability insurance under commercial insurance does not cater for in Monroe, CT which include;

Property damage

Take a scenario where you own your restaurant in Monroe, CT. You need to finish some tasks and have to work late night then, unfortunately, there is a storm brew.  There is a strong wind which blows everything in your kitchen and all the cakes, and other foods are obliterated into a mess and utensils litter all over the floor.

General liability insurance will not cater for such kind of damages. It only pays for third-party property damage. This means that it pays for the damages caused by your employee to another person’s property and you will, therefore, need to buy a commercial property insurance to cater for your property damage.

Employee injuries

If your employee is injured while working for you, you cannot turn to general liability insurance for payment. You will need workers’ compensation insurance for such case to pay for the employee’s medical bills. General liability insurance can only cater for the non-employees injuries.

Employment disputes

In your business, you need many employees to fill different dockets so that they can share the workloads and maximize production. There could be a dispute between you and the employee whereby you may feel like the worker is not fulfilling his/her duties. For this reason, you decide to cut the employee’s pay, and the employee decides to sue you and makes false accusations against you. You will need employment practices liability insurance since general liability does not pay for such cases. 

Get general liability insurance from Fida Insurance Group to keep your visitors and neighbors protected and give you a financial security to help you keep everything that happens in your commercial premises under control.