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Is Your Home in Good Shape for Winter?

It is the middle of winter now in Monroe, CT, which means cold weather. When it’s cold, it is nice to come home to a warm and cozy house. To keep your home comfortable and safe all winter long, it is important to take a few steps to winterize it. Even though we are well into the season already, at Fida Insurance Group, we believe it is never too late for routine maintenance that helps to preserve your home. If you haven’t prepared your home for winter, or have recently moved to the area, here are some steps to take get it in shape.

Winterizing the Exterior of Your Home

You may have already begun to use your fireplace.  However, you should still inspect the chimney if you have not already done so. Check inside the fireplace for debris. Examine the bricks and mortar joints around it. If any of these are damaged, repair them. While on the roof, inspect your shingles and flashing for damage. Any kind of roof damage can lead to water leaks from rain or melting ice and snow.

Winterizing the Interior of Your Home

To ensure that the cold air stays outside, make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed. Replace the caulking around the windows if you feel a draft. For doors that lead to the outside, the weather stripping may need replacing if air is seeping in. Add insulation in the attic if you can see the ceiling joists. By taking these steps not only will your home stay warm, you may even notice a difference on your next energy bill. If you need assistance, contact one of the agents at Fida Insurance Group of Monroe, CT. We are here to help you.